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Eco-Friendly OfficesEco-Friendly Offices

*The period for calculating our environmental performance data was April to March during FY2011 to FY2014. This was changed to January to December in FY2015, reflecting the change of the fiscal year end.

Measures Taken through Regular Business Activities

The Kagome Group actively seeks to conserve energy and resources at its offices, including its head offices and branches.

Reduction of Power Consumption

Kagome Group companies in Japan have continued taking steps to save energy, even after the Great East Japan Earthquake. In addition to participating in the annual Cool Biz and Warm Biz campaigns, we have developed our own Super Cool Biz Style guidelines, and promote compliance with them. Under these guidelines, we encourage air conditioner thermostats to be set as high as comfortably possible in the summer and as low as comfortably possible during winter.
Other energy-saving initiatives include reducing the number of lights we turn on, turning them off whenever they are not necessary, keeping appropriate air conditioner thermostat settings in offices, not turning on office equipment that is not used frequently or immediately, and reducing equipment numbers by introducing multifunctional devices.
Our power consumption per floor area in FY2016 increased approx. 6.2% from the FY2015 level, to 154kWh/m2.

Power Consumption in Offices (Per Floor Area)
Power Consumption in Offices (Per Floor Area)

Reduction of Use of Office Paper

Kagome Group companies in Japan are actively seeking to reduce the volume of office paper they use. Initiatives for this purpose include paperless internal meetings, which is enabled by the use of wide-screen monitors and other measures, and the introduction of multi-functional equipment.
The volume of office paper used in FY2016 increased approx. 1.1% from the previous fiscal year, to 4,003 sheets per person.

Volume of Office Paper Used (Per Person)
Volume of Office Paper Used (Per Person)

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