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Environmental ManagementEnvironmental Management

Environmental Management System

Environmental Policy and Operation of Environmental Management System

Kagome Co., Ltd. revised its Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System (EMS) in 2013. Based on this policy and system, all Kagome Group companies in Japan have been making concerted efforts to improve EMS, backed by a clearly defined responsibility structure for all departments and business sites nationwide, with the president at the top.
Specifically, we develop a three-year medium-term plan based on the Environmental Policy and set goals for each fiscal year to achieve the set targets. Individual departments and business sites promote environmental activities to achieve goals each fiscal year. Results of the activities are checked regularly by top management and the head of each department and business site to set goals and an action policy for the next fiscal year.

EMS Structure
EMS Structure
EMS Cycle
EMS Cycle

Kagome Earns the Highest Environmental Rating in the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) Program

DBJ Environmentally Rated Loan Program is a loan program that utilizes a screening (rating) system developed by DBJ to evaluate enterprises on their level of environmental management, to select excellent companies, and then to set financial conditions based on these evaluations. This was the world's first incorporation of environmental ratings in financing menus.

In July 2014, Kagome earned the highest rating under this program for the first time in Japan after the renewal of the program. We also earned the highest rating under the same program in September 2009, before the renewal. Kagome was highly evaluated based on the following points.

DBJ Environmentally Rated
The logo that is allowed to be used by a company with the highest ratings, indicating that it takes advanced environmental initiatives
  • 1.The company has formulated its own guidelines on the cultivation of ingredients, including tomatoes produced in Japan, from the viewpoint of reducing the environmental impact of cultivation. In addition, the company helps its contracted farmers with farming operations, thereby contributing to improving the sustainability of agriculture.
  • 2.The company begins to monitor the ecosystem in the ingredient procurement phase to check the impact of its business on the ecosystem. It also analyzes the relationship between biodiversity and the company's overall value chain with cooperation from experts. With these and other initiatives, the company accelerates measures for becoming less dependent on ecosystem services.
  • 3.Based on dialogues with multiple stakeholders, the company identifies material issues from among a wide array of issues involved in the promotion of environmental management and sets KPIs based on the identified issues. The company approaches this process in a pioneering way, based on new trends in sustainability reporting.

ISO 14001 Certification

All Kagome plants in Japan have acquired ISO 14001 certification. Internal and external environmental audits are conducted at each plant in accordance with ISO 14001 to ensure the appropriate operation and improvement of EMS.

Plants with ISO 14001 certification
Plants with ISO 14001 certification

Environmental Education

Kagome provides environmental education to new employees and offers correspondence courses that include environmentally themed subjects. In addition to general environmental education, at plants we provide trainings for internal environmental auditors, acquiring qualifications on environmental laws and regulations, and preventing accidents and reducing environmental impact, which is intended for employees engaged in specific operations, including technologies for the conservation of water quality and air quality and waste management.
For customers who visit the plants for tours, we explain Kagome's environmental initiatives along the tour route. In recent years, we often host elementary school children on social studies field trips. There are cases where we provide them with on-site explanations of our efforts and approaches to waste prevention and recycling at our plants.

Plant Tour
Explanation about our standards on separation of by-products in the plant and our waste initiatives given to elementary school students on a plant tour (Fujimi Plant)

Legal Compliance

The Kagome Group operates businesses by observing relevant environmental laws and regulations. There were no major violations of laws or regulation in FY2016.
If any complaint is lodged about our business activities or any problem pointed out, we immediately check the situation and take countermeasures based on the provided information. We also give explanations about countermeasures that we have taken.

Environmental Accounting

In accordance with the Environmental Accounting Guidelines (2005) issued by the Ministry of the Environment, we review our accounting items as needed, to ensure the appropriateness of our initiatives. In fiscal 2016, Kagome disbursed a total of approx. 936 million yen in costs and investments for environmental measures.

(Millions of yen)
Item/Description Amount Invested Cost
Business Area Cost (I) Pollution Prevention Cost Prevention of air and water pollution, analyses and measurements of air and water quality and others 73 235
(II) Global Environmental Conservation Cost CO2 reduction, energy conservation, prevention of ozone depletion, and others 122 159
(III) Resource Circulation Cost Efficient use of resources, recycling of waste and others 0 146
Total of (I), (II), and (III) 195 540
Upstream/ Downstream Cost Cost of outsourcing recycling of containers, packages and others 0 150
Administration Cost Cost of operation of EMS, environmental education and others 0 42
R&D Cost Cost of R&D activities for reducing environmental impact 0 1
Social Activity Cost Cost of environmental beautification, pollution control levies, activities by related organizations, and others 0 8
Environmental Remediation Cost 0 0
Total 195 741
(January to December 2016)

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